Customer feedback – What’s the best way to insure the employees of a foreign subsidiary?

In 2020, Chesneau helped Orinox find a health insurance solution for its employees in Canada. Morgane Maury, the company’s Human Resources Director, agreed to talk about her experience with Chesneau.

You’ve been working for Orinox for a few months now. Can you tell us something about your company?

Orinox was founded in 2008 in Châteaubriant, where it has its headquarters. Today, we have just over 160 employees based in Châteaubriant, the Paris area, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and North America. Orinox helps leading industrial companies in major industries digitise their plant and operations.  Its ambition is to make industry more sustainable. If I had to describe Orinox in three words I would say: innovative, responsible and enthusiastic!

And what problem did you encounter?

In 2018 we opened a subsidiary in Canada. We strongly believe in treating all of our employees equally. Hence we wanted to provide our Canadian staff with a supplemental health insurance solution, even though we have no obligation to do so in Canada! This is in keeping with our CSR policy.

When I joined the company, the project had been going on for a year. No solution had been found from Châteaubriant. We initially considered using the same policies as for our employees in the United States. But trying to replicate US policies in Canada turned out to be quite complicated.

At this point, Chesneau and its UNIBA Partners network came into play. By October 2020 I had found a solution.

Why did you ask Chesneau to help you insure your employees in Canada?

I had worked with Chesneau in the past and appreciated their expertise. So when I needed advice, I naturally turned to them. We already had developed a relationship; it made the difference.

I also believe that acting as a responsible company includes supporting local businesses. Chesneau met all of our criteria.

How did things work out ?

Chesneau mobilised its network of international brokers. Its Canadian contact (Benchmark Benefit Solutions Inc) was able to provide the policy we needed. We signed it immediately. Our Canadian employees now have the same level of health insurance coverage than our other employees.

Going through an intermediary was a very wise decision from a legal point of view since we were unfamiliar with the local laws and regulations. It made it easier for us to understand the policy.  Furthermore, we do not deal directly with the insurer.  Chesneau handles the relationship with Orinox, which makes things easier for us.

Do you think you will call on Chesneau if you have any other international insurance needs?

The programme you provided was effective and quickly implemented.  We could therefore definitely call on you again for future projects.

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